rails build f61dc0e failed

The build failed.


It looks like this last test failure just won't pass on CI as it is running 1.8.6, from the code:

  # This is broken in 1.8.6 (not supported in Rails 3.0) because the cache uses a Hash   # key. Since Ruby 1.8.6 implements Hash#hash using the hash's object_id, it will never   # successfully get a cache hit here.   def test_template_changes_are_not_reflected_with_cached_templates

What to do? Upgrade to 1.8.7? Get some kind of multi-ruby CI going?


Yeah, core team says 186 is now unsupported. I’ve disabled the emails until I upgrade the server (I already have another 187 CI box running, just need to make sure all the latest is green under that environment).

And yes, we are working on a multi-interpreter CI - it is well underway. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

– Chad