RubyOnRails build 8818 failed

The build failed.


Is *anyone* else seeing these test failures?

Yup. I can reproduce this on my laptop.

What similarities and differences are there between the CI machine and your
laptop? It might help me build an environment I can make this stuff fail in.

- Matt

[ActionMailer test failures]

Is *anyone* else seeing these test failures?

Not yet, but I'm going to build an environment that successfully fails (oi!)
and nail these tests. Me and CentOS don't get along, though, so it's not
trivial for me.

- Matt

They are both Linux running on i686 hardware... at which point
similarities end. Different flavor of Linux (CentOS5 vs Ubuntu
Feisty), and even different version of Ruby (1.8.6 p36 vs 1.8.5 p35).

Seeing as I am successfully failing already, I was going to try and
sort it out myself tomorrow.

Looks like you were getting the old .rhtml templates rather than the .erb

Should be fixed..

That's really interesting. The first thing I'd think of there is that it's
a Ruby 1.8.5+ thing (since I'm running 1.8.4+security updates; the joys of
Dapper) but I can't imagine that all the other people who can't reproduce
this are running 1.8.4 or earlier...

What gems are common between the two machines?

- Matt

I actually thought those .rhtml templates were in there to test that the
newer .erb ones were actually getting read. I didn't think that they were
just leftovers.

It's good stuff that the build is fixed, but I'm going to hunt down the root
cause of the strangeness and fix the deep bug.

- Matt