Rails and a Jabber (Gtalk) Bot

I'm building a jabber bot for my cms eribium
(http://www.eribium.org). Is it possible to give access to the
script/console of rails? Obviously the bot can't be part of rails as
the long requests would crash the fast cgi - but is there a way to
"include" rails?

Hi Alex,

the bot can't be part of the process serving web requests, but it can
access the app's model just the same. If you
require 'config/environment' in the bot you have all you need.

All I'm looking for is a way of querying the rails
app for information and status, as well as a way of CRUDing pages.

I may not understand what you're trying to do, but where do pages come
into the mix? What more do you need when you can get at the model


I think there's a gem called tryruby or something available on
RubyForge. Unfortunately, it appears to be down at the moment, so I
cannot check.


Cool, its working!

great, so now I'm curious.. what is the gist of what you're trying to do?