Rails 3.0 Beta ALL PLEASE READ

Hi ALL, for all the early adopters of Rails 3.0 Beta, I’m sure that means most if not all of you. Anyway, I would highly recommend reading and following the below steps:

  1. Release Notes


Note: This has information about the Rails 3.0 Beta as well as associated links that go into further detail.

  1. Online Community Support

IRC Channel - #railsbridge

 Note:  You'll find many knowledgeable Rails 3.0 people here that can assist you.  Again, you should have read (1).
  1. Filing Tickets Issues/Tickets Against Rails 3.0 Beta

    If you think that it’s an issue with Rails 3.0 beta, then one should do the following:

    a) see if similar ticket exists here


b) if (a) exists, then add your comments to that ticket. Otherwise, please create a new ticket providing the following:

  • create a proper title that briefly describes the issue

  • ruby version (i.e. ruby -v)

  • OS version

  • the exact steps to recreate the issue in a understandable stepwise format

  • properly tag the ticket

  • For example, if it’s an issue with Rails 3.0 ActiveRecord, then, at a minimum, I should see the following tags for the ticket:

rails3 activerecord

Note: This is very important so that the Rails core team are made aware of the potential issue(s) as soon as possible. The

more issue(s) that are detected and resolved before the official release make for a much more stable release. Again,

you should have read (1).

Lastly, I would recommend the above steps for all people interested using Rails 3.0 Beta. Also, please reference (1) because it will change as we come to the official release of Rails 3.0.