Rails 2.1, version_fu, ActAsVersioned and => "undefined method `find_version"

I've updated and old app to Rails 2.1, and now I can't get
ActAsVersioned to work anymore. I've updated to last version who is
updated for Rails 2.1, and also tried VerdsionFU but both give me
error message "undefined method `find_version" when I tries to role
back to an old version.

Can it be that I've not updated anything in my tables which causes

--- Model:
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
# acts_as_versioned

--- Controller:
class ArticlesController < ApplicationController
      @article = Article.find_version(params[:id], params[:versjon])

(Btw. Anybody who have any recommendations according if I should use
ActAsVersioned or switch to VersionFU? What is the difference?).

- Henrik

Ahh. Now I saw that I find_version was removed from the pluggin...

- Henrik