problems with 1.9.1, acts_as_versioned an acts_as_ferret

Hi guys,

I recently tried to upgrade my ruby version from 1.8.6-enterprise to
1.8.7-enterprise but found some issues. Just for kicks I thought I'd try
1.9.1 and foun that it had exactly the same issues but was generally a whole
lot faster.

The issues I have revolve mainly around acts_as_versioned, which causes an
error intermittently when accessing the model that includes it. I have only
been able to establish that it's caused by acts_as_versioned by removing
every plugin until it stop. The error is:

NoMethodError (undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass):

but the rest of the backtrace changes of course depending on what happens to
throw it at the time, see [1] for an example. I am also pasting
pages_controller[2] and models/page[3] for reference.

The other problem I'm having is with acts_as_ferret. I have googled around
and apparently the current version (0.4.4) has already been patched to work
with 1.9.1, yet I still recieve the following when attempting to start the

Don't know how to reveal method 'methods'

It doesn't appear in the logs so it's not so easy to get a backtrace, it's a
bit of a mess because it's copied from the passenger error page[4].

If anyone has some information about either of these problems I would really
love to hear it, I've been struggling with this for a couple of days now and
its starting to drive me a little mad.

Many thanks




OpenSolaris snv_111b amd64
Ruby 1.9.1-p376
Apache 2.2.11


Rails 2.3.5
Passenger 2.2.7
acts_as_versioned 0.2.3 (Not working)
ferret (Already patched for 1.9.1 and apparently working)
acts_as_ferret 0.4.4 (Also already patched but not working)
bluecloth 2.0.5
will_paginate 2.3.11
haml 2.2.1
mysql 2.8.1


If I were you I'd highly consider ditching Ferret for Solr and


If I were you I'd highly consider ditching Ferret for Solr and

Thanks for the reply. I will certainly consider it, the only reason I'm not
jumping to do it straight away is that I only just moved the entire project
over from xapian which was also giving me probems. I will probably end up
moving again if that is my best choice, but I thought I would give ferret a
chance as it seems to work well otherwise.

I will investigate Solr and Sunspot next time I am free for a while.