Ferret and Acts as Ferret on OSX


Can anyone recommend a version of Ferret and Acts_as_ferret that works on OSX?

I have tried a number of versions now and all throw a bus error when they attempt to build
an index.



Actually they don’t.

As described in the 0.11.0 release thread there is a problem with it on OSX.
However, I have discovered that 0.10.14 does work, my problem was that I
hadn’t uninstalled 0.11.0, damn sleepy brain.


I’m pretty sure that Dave will rule this issues out with the next minor release. Seems as if he is resolving loads of issues right now. So don’t forget to check your “gem update ferret” from time to time, since there were segfault issues in the 0.10-branch that get resolved right now.


Thanks Jan,
I'm just about to put out another version. Just running all of my unit
tests and building the gem and then I'll put it up. Hopefully it'll
fix up most of the new problems that people are experiencing. Please
try the new version and let me know if you are still experiencing any