Ferret 0.10.8 Security Patch Release

Hey folks,

** Description **

Ferret is a full-text search library which makes adding search to your application a breeze. It's much faster than MySQL full-text search as well most other search libraries out there. It allows you to do Boolean (+ruby + rails -jewelry) and phrase queries ("the quick brown fox") as well as some more unusual queries like fuzzy queries (misspelling~ matches mispeling or misspellng), wildcard queries (Aus?ral*), range queries (date:<=20050601) and a lot more. Ferret also now offers query result highlighting and excerpting.

** Announcement **

I've just released Ferret 0.10.8. It has a security hole patched as well as a couple other bug fixes. You should "gem update" ASAP.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank those who have been kind enough to donate to the project. I really do appreciate the support and so will all other Ferret users.

Happy Ferreting, Dave