Acts_As_Ferret Tutorial

Hi Greg,

Fellow Ruby Programmers,

     These past two weeks I've been struggling to learn how to do
advanced (full-text) searching on my websites. After giving up on mysql
full-text I decided to try out Ferret, a full-text search engine written
in Ruby (it's a gem), along with Acts_as_ferret.

     What I found was an extremely powerful search engine, that didn't
have a good tutorial to show how to do basic and advanced searches. So
I decided to write a detailed Acts_as_ferret tutorial at:

     If you ever decide to implement advanced searching on your website,
I hope you all find it very useful.

I stumbled across the Ferret full-text engine sometime last week and
was trying to figure out how to incorporate its functionality into one
on my current projects. You tutorial has got me heading in the right

Many thanks,

- glenn