Rails 1.2RC1 migration problem: uninitialized constant ApplicationController

Hi all,

I have a question regarding a strange problem I'm getting if I freeze
Rails on 1.2RC1.

My application works just fine with version 1.1.6 (the release), but
once I do 'rake rails:freeze:edge' and restart the server, I'm getting
the "Application error" error page in browser (path is the site's root:
http://locahost:3000/) and the following output in the
log/development.log (sorry about alot of text).

Just before you read it, the problem is that ApplicationController
seems not to be found. And the problem seems to be somehow related with
routing or paths.
The problem resolves itself if I revert to stable version by 'rake
rails:unfreeze' and restarting server.

As I don't even know where to start to look for a possible problem, any
input is very appreciated.