Quick Import and Export


Does anyone know of a good gem I can use for super quick import and export of my database. I have a requirement to simply move my database from production to dev and back again several times.

I saw the yaml_db gem but it appears very out of date. Anyone recommend an alternative or better way of doing this?

Any reason not to just use the native tools provided by your database system? For example, if I’m using PostgreSQL then I would use pg_dump and pg_restore. If I want good ergonomics (not remember all the right options and switches) I might wrap those up in a shell script or rake task. But then you don’t have to worry about that process being lossy as your are using the tools meant for moving data in that database system.

I would use Table Plus but when i clear all the tables and try to restore, it keeps saying that the sequences still exist. I can’t find a way to remove them as i don’t know what they’re called. Can’t find anyway in the UI to delete them