how to copy data from mysql to postgres?

Hi all,

Is there any gem to copy data from mysql to postgres ?

I search lot but i didn’t get any thing .



You're gonna have to figure that one out yourself by using 2 models
and some clever trickery, or you might be able to dump the data and
import into postgres if it's generic enough with little effort but I
would much rather go the 2 model route even if it takes far more time.

Thanks lot for reply.

Few months ago i have studied about one gem which do this work, but i forget the name.

Did any one know about this ? describes
how to do a dump from mysql and restore to postgres but I don't see
any advantage of using a gem over that technique.


use gem taps

Thanks lot for reply.


I really like yaml_db for this. I have only used it for SQLite to MySQL and MySQL to MySQL, but it works smoothly and quickly, and in my case, did not flinch at 2M records in a table.


I would like to add: if you have some custom mapping between the models, you could write a simple rake task. Example: