Moving to another database system

So, I developed what I considered a mini application for my department back in June. I used SQLite3. The file is still very small - about 2.5 megs - but I'd like to move to something else which supports multiple simultaneous read/writes better than SQLite3. What do I need to do? Clearly, rake will be my friend, but I haven't used it much. I'm sure I'll need a rake db:schema:dump, but then.. what? how do I tell the new database to get on with it, and then import all the data?

This would be done at a time when no transactions are to occur. Of course.

Hi Aldric,

You can do rake db:schema:dump to dump to db/schema.rb and do rake db:schema:load to load the file.

When in doubt, do a rake --tasks. You will see all the tasks available