question about .send()

I love that I can use .send() to dynamically build the name of the method I want to call, but how do I build a variable length list of parameters to go along with it?

I am trying to write a helper for dealing with routing and nested resources. Rails sets me up with methods the look like this;

edit_resource_path (resource) edit_resource_nested_path(resource, nested) edit_resource_nested_double_nested_path(resource, nested, double_nested)

...and so on as deep as I have nested my resources.

I can easily construct the name of the method I have to call like this; method_name = ("edit_#{object.class.to_s.underscore}_path")

..but to call it with .send() I need to supply various sets of parameters. I was hoping I could just stuff them in an array and send the array, but this didn't work. any other ideas?

foo.send(:some_method, *array_of_parameters)


arg = [param1, param2, ...] Object.send(method, *arg)