Dynamically call object instances

Hi --

Marnen Laibow-Koser wrote:

Well, the send() syntax that David mentioned would work for that, but if
@user is an ActiveRecord object, then you can also pretend it's a hash
and do @user[params[:variable]] .

Thanks for the reply, your suggestion did indeed work.

The fact that you're asking these questions indicates that you need to
review your basic Ruby and Rails topics. These are elementary

And the last time I checked this forum was open to anybody that wanted
to ask a legitimate RoR question - noobie or otherwise - and while I
will admit that I am no ruby expert I am far from a noobie. I have
answered many questions for beginners of this forum without pointing out
that "[t]hese are elementary questions" or saying that "you need to
review your basic Ruby and Rails topics." I have done this because I was
once where many people who come to this forum are - without a clue in
the world and simply trying to better my skill set in the programming
field by trying to learn something knew, and, in my opinion, pretty
freakin' cool. Moreover, I have found this forum extremely helpful and
an extremely valuable resource because I have felt comfortable to ask
questions that I didn't know the answer to - beginner or no - without
people openly degrading me or other people by saying. . . well, what you
said in your reply. If I had ever thought that for one moment, that
somebody was asking a question that anybody who had read the first 5
pages of a beginning RoR book should, you know what, I kept it to