Dynamically call object instances

Shandy Nantz wrote:

Hi again,

I have these functions - about five of them - and they are all the exact
same code except for which object instances they are referencing. For
example, if I have a user object and each user can modify one of five
phone fields - home, work, cell, etc. - I would like to call one
function and just pass a varibale indicating which one I am modifying.

This is not a direct answer to your question since the answer has
already been provided. But, I just wanted to point out that you might be
struggling with this because your model breaks the First Normal Form
(1NF) of database design, which states that a table should contain no
repeating groups.

In this case the repeating groups would be home_phone, work_phone
cell_phone, etc. These are all phone numbers making up a repeating group
and should, technically, be normalized, which also cleanly solves the
problem at hand.

  id | person_id | label | number
   1 | 1 | home | 555-123-1234
   2 | 1 | work | 555-123-2345