Question about RoR solution

I have a limited exposure to RoR, and also I have a sort of specific use task
I need to do with a small number of people. Essentially, I have a file that
is constantly being written to on my computer (OS X), I would like to have
something similar to tail -f, except it sends line by line to a web server.
And at this point it's mostly numbers as raw data, and I would like to
display various statistics live on a webpage that a group of us could get
constant updates. I should clarify that I would like everyone to be able to
first go to this web server, and through that interface each user can select
the file that exists on their personal machines and from there the data is
being sent to the server live.

I realize this is a fairly inadequate explanation and I don't even know
enough just yet to explain further. So basically, I would really appreciate
it if someone could point me in the right direction so I could figure this
out in terms of loosely specific directions I should go. Thanks.

As described, what you're looking for isn't possible with a plain web
application - both the persistence and the local file access are hard
to achieve. Depending on how often the file is written to, have you
thought about looking at something like Dropbox to handle the

--Matt Jones