simplest CMS design question

Hi all,

What would be the best design if I wanted a RubyOnRails basic CMS that
would allow HTML/images to be uploaded and viewed by users who were
allowed to see them. In particular what would be a good / robust way
to host the files? For example:

a) Let Apache web server (i.e. not RoR engine) host them - this would
require RoR could save the files out on the Unix/Linux box to an
approach location under the web server (not sure how possible this
is). Also it means that user management would need to be
integrated/handled by Apache (could be an issue perhaps?)

b) Let RoR application store them in it's own directory area, but not
under the "/public" directory as this could be visible on web for the
right URL - once stored on file, then the image tag URL in the HTML
pages would need to tell the RoR application to get them via a
specific controller/action which would then have to retrieve them and
stream them out...

c) As per b) above but stored in a mysql database

I’d go for Apache with the mod X-Sendfile compiled into it. There’s an option in the latest Rails version afaik to use it out of the box and in previous versions it’s just a matter of installing a plugin or crafting the headers yourself. It basically comes down to handling authentication etc with Rails and serving the file through Apache directly using a special header.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt