Query Regarding MVC Architecture

Hi All,

Can any one of you please clarify me are there any ways in ROR that i
can develop an Application with out following MVC Architecture or do i
just need to strictly follow the MVC Architecture if i wanna develop Web
Appliactions using ROR.

If so, can you please suggest me the ways too..

with regards,

Let's make an important distinction here:
  Ruby = beautiful OO language
  Rails = full-stack MVC framework built using Ruby

So from that perspective, no, you cannot break free from MVC if you
use Rails. That _is_ what Rails brings you. HOWEVER, Rails is
'integrated' with Ruby as a collection of gems that extend the core
Ruby classes. The upshot of that is that you can pick and choose
which gems you'd like to work with and develop your own RUBY framework
that takes advantage of Rails' work. As an example, It's not uncommon
to see ActiveRecord used outside of Rails these days.

There are other Ruby-based web frameworks out there. If you really
want to break free of MVC you might google on ruby and web frameworks
rather than rails.

I'm still learning this stuff, but it seems to me that MVC is so baked
into rails that you'll wind up torturing yourself (and rails :wink: if you
try and wriggle out of MVC.

So--can you say what you don't like about MVC? And why you want to use

You'll spend less time and effort if you follow MVC. Trying to get
around it will probably lead to much frustration. Unless you have
specific requirements that demand you break out of MVC (and please
share what they are with us), Just Do It.