MVC architecture

Dear all

In the MVC architecture framework, the Model is actually communicate with database. In my rails project, there is a model/ssh.rb that is not connect with database.

That's fine. The model is the only part of the MVC architecture that is *allowed* to communicate with the database, but it certainly does not *have* to do so. The job of the model is simply to model the data. If it needs access to the DB to do that, fine. If it doesn't need access to the DB to model the data effectively, also fine.

Is it a good practice for this arrangement in my project?

Probably, although I'm not certain about your particular case.

Am I violate the rules of MVC architecture?

Not at all.

Or is it better to move all the codes from models to controllers?

Probably not. The trend in Rails development at the moment seems to be "skinny controller, fat model".

In other words, you're doing fine. Don't worry.