Project not serving static pages in production mode (ror3.beta3)


During the migration to a new server, I started running into some issues. I'd been running production on passenger which does not seem to have any problems, but the idea was to now use unicorn or thin or some other server to spawn the instances.

When starting unicorn, thin or webrick in production mode, the static contents get errors saying there's no matching routes. To try to debug the issue, I created a new app using Rails3.beta3

$ rails goop $ cd goop/ $ rm public/index.html $ bundle install $ rails g scaffold welcome $ vim config/routes.rb $ RACK_ENV=production rake db:migrate $ rails s -e production

When viewing the app, also none of the static pages are displayed:

Request URL:http://localhost:3000/javascripts/rails.js?1273018144 Request Method:GET Status Code:404 Not Found

Request URL:http://localhost:3000/stylesheets/scaffold.css?1273018199 Request Method:GET Status Code:404 Not Found

etc ...

What is the problem here?