no route found to match "/rails/info/properties" with {:method=>:get}

After a new install (Ruby, Rails en Gem) on a newly installed OS. I'm
getting a 'no route found to match' error. I Googled a bit, and saw
that more people had this problem with older rails versions. I'm on
Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 1.2.3 and Gem is 0.9.4, on a Mac running OS 10.4.9.

Any suggestion is welcome.


Are you running in production mode ?

Thanks! I changed to development with the link now working oke.

Any idea why this error appears in production env?


Because it's not supposed to work in production mode :slight_smile:

Oke, still learning :slight_smile: I'm working for some months with Rails and
never noticed this behavior, because I normally don't use the link.

Thanks again.