Problems with URL encoding


I have a problem when sending parameters from link_to_remote. My link code:

<%= link_to_remote "Remove",   :url => object_relation_path(     :id => 0,     :object_relation => {       :parent_id =>,       :parent_type => "Product",       :child_id =>,       :child_type => "ContentObject",       :relation_type_id => 1000     },     :format => :partial,     :response_template => "products/#{@product.product_type}/show/ partials/related_content"),   :update => "related_content_wrapper",   :method => :delete %>

I think this is a correct setting and Firebug shows a correctly encoded query string. But what I get is the following:

{"format"=>"partial", "_method"=>"delete", "action"=>"destroy", "amp;response_template"=>"products/game/show/partials/ related_content", "amp;object_relation"=>   {"child_type"=>"ContentObject",    "relation_type_id"=>"1000",    "parent_type"=>"Product",    "child_id"=>"102",    "parent_id"=>"22"}, "id"=>"0", "controller"=>"object_relations"}

In other words, I get the encoded "amp;" as part of the params hash key. Does anyone have any input or solution to this?

Many thanks in advance

Kindest regards

Erik Lindblad