link_to_remote: valid use?


I am using link_to_remote to call an RJS method (via a controller
method). Here is my view code:

<%= link_to_remote 'Explode', :url => { :action =>
:show_property_children, :id => property, :is_collection => true } if
property.class == PropertyCollection %

I'd like to pass across two parameters, :id and :is_collection. Is this
the correct way of doing so? ie. within :url

My code works fine but I've a nagging feeling it's not the correct way
to pass these parameters.

Please note that I reference id in my controller method
'show_property_children' using params[:id]

Also, I see that the signature for link_to_remote accepts
html_options={} - what is this typically used for? I could not find
guidance in the documentation.



I belive its fine, but you should setup the route for that action:

map.connect ‘controller_name/show_property_children/:id/:is_collection’, controller=> ‘controller_name’, :action=> ‘show_property_children’, :id=>nil, :is_collection=>false/true

Hope it works for u