Problems with functional test and legacy tables


    I'm having problems with functional test, fixtures and legacy

tables, the situation:

    I have a model like this:
            # encoding: UTF-8
                  class Product <

ActiveRecord::Base self.table_name_prefix = “xst_”

    And the fixture (just renamed the file from "prodcut.yml" to

“xst_product.yml” the scaffold). # encoding: UTF-8 one:

                title: MyString

    And the functional test (no changes)
            # encoding: UTF-8
            require 'test_helper'

                  class ProductsControllerTest <

ActionController::TestCase setup do @product = products(:one) end

              test "should get index" do
                get :index
                assert_response :success
                assert_not_nil assigns(:products)

    The unit test works fine, but when I run the functional test I

just receive "NoMethodError: undefined method " for all the test, after many “test” I have arrived to the conclusion that the problem comes from the functional test that can-not find the fixtures. Is there any way to specify the prefix or a table name in the fixture?.

    I will appreciate any help.