Problem with url_for and namespaces (in in_place_editing)


Well I have been working with the in_place_editing plugin and have been running into the following error:

Unknown action No action responded to 1

My code on my view is below:

<span id = "permission"><%= %></span>   <%= in_place_editor "permission", {:url => url_for(:action => "update", :id => } %> </td>

I have looked into the development.log and the error is that is the action parameter sent is "1", when it should be "update". The problems seems to me is that the permissions controller is part of the admin namespace:

map.namespace :admin do |admin|   admin.resources :permissions

Anyone has any ideas on how to solve this? I have tried to write a restful route (admin_permission_path(, but the plugin doesn't seems to work with them. Thanks,