Trouble with "namespace" in routes.rb file


Following some of AndyV's useful advice, I added this

  map.namespace :admin do |adm|     adm.resources :client   end

to my config/routes.rb file. However, when I visit I get the error:

Unknown action No action responded to show

I am extremely confused b/c nowhere do I make reference to a "show" action. Here is the code of my app/controllers/admin/ client_controller.rb file

=============Begin client_controller.rb file==================== class Admin::ClientController < ApplicationController

        def search         end

        def searchresults                 @users =         end

        def userdetails         end end =============End client_controller.rb file=====================

I do have a file, app/views/admin/client/search.rhtml, so I'm not sure why its not getting called. Thanks, - Dave

Thanks, Ryan. That worked.

So just to be clear, every time I want to add a new method to Admin::ClientController, I have to also add that to the collection listed below?

- Dave