in_place_editing sending id as action name

I am trying to get in_place_editing plugin working but it shows following in logs...

Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"447999a7bc028bf2627501257727d22150beabaa", "action"=>"1", "value"=>"longhorn", "controller"=>"projects", "editorId"=>"edit_project_1"}

it says action => 1

although I have clearly defined that ...

:url => url_for(:controller => "projects", :action => "update", :id =>

what could be wrong?

That can happen when Projects is defined as a resource in your route file and whenever you do that then your app always expects the put http method with your update action in your url. So try adding :method => :put after your url or simply like so

:url => project_path(project), :method => :put

Hope this should work.