in_place_editing won't update, keeps saving...

Hey lads,

I'm stuck!! implementing in_place_editing is simple, according to many tutorials. but i can't find out what i'm doing wrong. I can edit the text, but when I hit the "Ok" key, the "Saving..." part comes up and nothing happen. any idea's? Thanks!!

controller   in_place_edit_for :blog_post, :content

  def set_blog_post_content     post = Blog::Post.find(params[:value])     render :text => post.content   end


<% @blog_post = @post%> <%= in_place_editor_field :blog_post, :content%>

CompUser wrote:

Have you checked in your log files to see if any kind of error is being thrown?

Hmm you're right, get this error:

ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken (ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken):

I know i saw this error on other side's and found a patch (http:// in_place_editing_should_work_with_csrf_and_rjs.patch) but this didn't solve the problem. Still get the error as showen above

Oke have it working now, not complete DRY. Because I used namespaces and named routes my routing to the right variable was corrupt. But fixed the namespace issue and it works fine for me now. Thanks for your help!! grtz