Problem with FxRuby DnD demo

Hi All,

I'm following the excellent tutorial at
-- clipboardtut.html
-- ch04s02.html
-- ch04s03.html

In the latter page, the author adds the following to

# Handle clipboard request
self.connect(SEL_CLIPBOARD_REQUEST) do
   setDNDData(FROM_CLIPBOARD, FXWindow.stringType,

The Ruby interpreter says:
undefined method `connect' for ClipMainWindow:Class (NoMethodError)

The ClipMainWindow class has no such method. Neither does its super
FXMainWindow, according to
(as I understand it.)

What am I missing?

Thanks in Advance,

I mis-spoke. It's the clipboard example, not drag and drop. Sorry.

Hi All,

False alarm: I actually had a syntax error that was not yet noticed
by the interpreter. So I misinterpreted the symptom.

My apologies,