FXColorWell example wanted

Hi All,

I've got two questions: 1. Where can I find an FXRuby example that employs FXColorWell? 2. Do my Ruby installation have FXColorWell installed properly?

I'm working through Lyle Johnson's excellent (so far) tutorial on FXRuby. I'm up to Chapter 5, Drag and Drop, at http://www.fxruby.org/doc/dragdroptut.html. While developing a window to use a dropped-in color for its background, Lyle suggests creating another application that uses FXColorWell for test purposes.

But I don't know how to create the latter application. I scoured the Net for an example, to no avail. Where can I find one?

I started to code one, and included the statement:

require 'FXColorWell'

to which Ruby responded "no such file to load -- FXColorWell (LoadError)"

I searched my Ruby installation for all files named 'FXColorWell' in part, regardless of case. I found 6 files, all in Ruby\lib\ruby\gems \1.8\:

gems\fxruby-1.6.13-x86-mswin32\rdoc-sources\FXColorWell.rb gems\fxruby-1.6.12-mswin32\rdoc-sources\FXColorWell.rb doc\fxruby-1.6.13-x86-mswin32\ri\Fox\FXColorWell\cdesc- FXColorWell.yaml doc\fxruby-1.6.13-x86-mswin32\rdoc\files\rdoc-sources \FXColorWell_rb.html doc\fxruby-1.6.13-x86-mswin32\rdoc\classes\Fox\FXColorWell.html doc\fxruby-1.6.12-mswin32\ri\Fox\FXColorWell\cdesc-FXColorWell.yaml

Is the FXColorWell.rb under rdoc-sources the file that my require statement would look for?

Thanks in Advance, Richard

Woops. I intended to post on the Ruby site. I just realized this is the Rails site. Please ignore this post.

With Apologies, Richard