Problem with Creating table With MYSQL

I have one question

Shall I create a table with uppercase in Mysql from ruby on rails.

becoz whatever iam giving the tablename only table creation format like


tab_names .

shall i change tab_names--->TABNAME....??

is it rails default or possible to change???

please provide the answer....

If you are using Rails why would you want to do that? Rails performs
a lot of its magic by having default rules that allow it to work out
what you want without you having to tell it all the details. For
example, if you want to handle comments then the model class is
Comment, the table name is comments, the controller is
CommentsController, etc. It is possible to override all these but if
you want to get the maximum out of Rails then don't, unless you have a
specific problem that you need to address.


becoz my client asking need to set all the database tablename with
uppercase letter thats'y we are asking.

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Have you asked why he/she wants to do that?

As far as I know you can just use, in the migration,
create_table :ANYNAMEYOULIKE
but I have not tried it.


9.2.2 Identifier Case Sensitivity (MySQL documentation)
Read about ‘lower_case_table_names

ok thanks

Maybe, table name aliasing might come in handy. The main problem that I foresee is that when migrating from mysql to some other, you have to be conscious about the aliases. The same holds true when you are creating a table. But then, rails migration dsl might provide you with a consistent way of doing this.
Hope this helps.