Using Rails Scaffold command does not preserve Case on Table Name

The following command issued at the terminal prompt for a Rails
project should create a PostGreSQL table with the actual Table Name of
Customers, but instead it creates a Table Name of customers. This is
extremely disconcerting to me. Especially when I discovered that
after using single quote marks (in the hope of remedying this), the
command could not succeed in creating the other "serialization table"
for tracking the autoincrementing id field.

The command in question:

ruby script/generate scaffold Customer LegalName:string Address:string
City:string State:string PostalCode:string

The real surprise was that the field name cases were actually
preserved! But not the Table Name. I don't know why, but apparently
there are a lot of programmers who think that "case does not matter"
where table names are concerned. But they matter a Great Deal to

In Rails there is a set of naming conventions you need to use, in
order to make the development process of your Rails application
painless. Tables are plural nouns in snake case. Models are singular
nouns in camel case. These two conventions were made to enable Rails
to automatically detect the name of a table, based on the name of a

RacingCar model => racing_cars table.

This kind of strict conventions does not exist for column names,
because Rails doesn't have to link them up to something else. Even
though, it's recommended to name your columns with snake case. If you
really, really want to get around this, you can go to the migration
file that the scaffold generator created for you and edit the table's
name manually and then, in your model, add this line:

set_table_name "Customers"

(But I hope you'll learn to accept the naming conventions of Rails,