Problem with Acts as Authenticated not able to logout

Hi all,

i installed Act_as_Authenticated plugin yesterday, everything seems
fine: trying out the index, divert me to the login screen, i register
and login.

but when i try http://localhost:3000/account/logout, it didn't work,
after the action been executed, it takes me back to the index as i m
logged in.

i try to clean the localhost cookie from my firefox, and delete those
files in the directory of tem/sessions, but it's still acting like i m
logged in.

what is the problem? can anyone give me some hints?


please forget my stupid question, i found out what the problem is:
redirect_to(:action => 'signup') unless logged_in? || User.count > 0

after i created a user, it's always going to redirect me.

silly me.

Is this plugin by default meant for a single user system ?
Surprising !
That line is on the #index action, not the #logout action.