Prioritizing Mailer Queue / Action Mailer


I have different kinds of mails going out. For eg:

1. signup
2. notification mails

I am using mailer queue to avoid mongrels waiting on email to be sent.
However, it makes sense to have signup mails go instantaneously whereas
other mails can go to mailer queue.

Has anyone done such thing? Any suggestions please?


Use the spawn plugin.

Hi Mukund,

I dint look at spawning a thread, coz there we might be limited by
number of threads that can be spawned at a time, which is system
specific. Mails can easily hit that big a number.

I am happy with Mailer Queue plugin which queues all the mails and then
in trigger cron job to periodically send those non-urgent mails.

But signup mails are time critical, so i was asking for suggestions to
bypass MailerQueue to deliver these mails.


Mukund wrote:

I've enjoyed using ar_mailer and it's ar_sendmail daemon. You can set
it to process your email queue every 30 seconds, or 60 seconds and
avoid having the issue of a cron job load your application. You do
need to monitor that the daemon remains running! (god, monit, .etc)

Is 30 or 60 seconds too long to wait?

Good Luck,
Jim Cifarelli

I actually use Mail Queue, it provides an option to bypass Queue.So on
Signup mails, i add "!" (exclamation) at the end.

Check if ar_mailer provides a similar option.

Xdmx Xdmx wrote:

Hi Jim,

I tried using ar_mailer as per your suggestion, but facing issues. Can
you please have a look at this and help me out:

Basically, emails are not getting stored into the DB.

Sandeep G