ar_mailer 1.1

ar_mailer allows you to queue ActionMailer emails in the database that will be sent with a separate process. ar_mailer gives drastic speed-ups when you need to send many emails.

To install ar_mailer:

   sudo gem install ar_mailer

You can also download ar_mailer from Rubyforge:

For instructions on how to convert from the regular delivery methods to using ar_mailer see:

ar_mailer-1.1.0 follows quick on the heels of ar_mailer 1.0. I've got several important features and bug fixes:

== Features

* Added --chdir to set rails directory
* Added --environment to set RAILS_ENV
* Exits cleanly on TERM or INT signals
* Added FreeBSD rc.d script
* Exceptions during SMTP sending are now logged
* No longer waits if sending email took too long

== Bugs fixed

* Fixed last send attempt in --mailq
* Better SMTP error handling
   * Messages are removed from the queue on 5xx errors
   * Added Net::SMTP.reset to avoid needing to recreate the connection