price, demands, value for rails development and applications

Hi everyone,

i have a simple question to all people here, who are professionally developing rails application for companies and other bussinesses.

i've got a request from a small company to develop a simple online shop and a web representation. I would like to know how much do you usually demand for a simple application like that and what is currently an appropriate prize. (Of course, this is a very vague question because it always depends on requirements and its effort. I only want to get an impression about the current situation in order to find an appropriate prize for my incoming order).

It would be great to listen some experiences from professionals or working freelancers in that section :]

If there are also some statistics in the web, each link is also very welcome.

Best Regards Chris

Exactly. Not only the stated requirements, but whatever it turns out is REALLY what the customer wanted. :wink:

So far, I've mostly been working on an hourly basis. A fixed-fee bid would then fall into two parts: how many hours do I think this will take, and what do I want to charge them per hour?

Tackle the number of hours using whatever style you like -- just remember to include all the time that they will inevitably soak up with scope creep, your having to fight that, "clarifications" of requirements, etc. You may also want to cover the time you'll invest up front trying to figure out their requirements, and other such negotiations.

For the second part, maybe you have a flat rate, or maybe you like to tweak it according to the length (I do), to cover the time you'll need to spend chasing the *next* gig. I also knock down the rate if it's on a W2 basis (so they're paying payroll tax instead of my paying self-employment tax), and if it includes good vacation and training bennies (so I don't have to cover the cost of training, AND the non-working time for both). Lastly, I also tweak the rate up or down according to other various vaguer factors, how much I like the technologies, the working environment, and the company; what the gig will do to/for my career; etc. In the end my rates vary from about $55 to $140 an hour.