Possible to add request IP column in session table ??

Is there a way to add a column in the session table (using MySQL) to
record the requester's IP address?

Or possibly extend the session code to write to another table or log
file that I could use to correlate session and requester IP address.

I need this short term for a debugging task.

-- gw

The easiest way may be to add a "before_filter",

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  before_filter :save_request_ip

  def save_request_ip
    session[:request_ip] = request.remote_ip
  protected :save_request_ip

  # :
  # :
  # rest of your ApplicationController code
  # :
  # :


Then read back the value from session[:request_ip] as needed.

The requester's IP may change from request to request, if they have
IP's assigned dynamically, for example. Not quite clear how this would
be a "short term debugging requirement". Also may require browser has
"cookies enabled", depending on what you're up to.