Capture IP Address to Sessions

What I'd like to do:

Capture the IP addresses of the folks visiting a web site in the
Sessions table.

What needs to be in place (code, model, controller, etc.), where does
it need to go (application controller?), how best to set up the
Sessions table?

Appreciate a noob-friendly outline of what needs to be done.


The ip address is available from request.remote_ip, as in:

login_terminal = request.remote_ip

don't know how to extend the sessions schema though (I log it separately from sessions)

-- gw (

Appreciate the prompt response.

Maybe I should have capitalized Noob. :wink:

Where would " login_terminal = request.remote_ip" go? Does it belong
in a controller? Are there any other elements that must be present?
Models, helpers, etc.?

Where do you put the IP information that this yields? (I assumed it
could go in Sessions but have no need for it to go there.)