Pop up window

Rails ha an option pop_up to helper link_to
However this options does not put focus on the pop up window whic means that it coud be hidden below other windows
The script should rather be window.open (....). focus(), than as now window.open (....)

Anyone that knows how to solve that problem ?
Is there a patch ?
Can it be solved through any kind of options in the helper ?

Hello Hans,
I use the popup option and it just opens a new tab with focus on it.
Which browser and version are you using? I am on Firefox 3.0.11

Thanks for your answeres

Yes, but what happens if you put the pop up window behind another
window and then tries to open it again.
I use the latest version of firefox and it opens a new window and not
a tab (my setting i firefox, I will try to change it ?), and the first
time the window is a top window, but if I move it back,it will ot pop
up when I open it again

I use redbox also but redbox does not create another window

What I also whant to do is to open another browser, not a window owned
by the current browser, but as I understand, that is not permitted,
or !!!! ?