Poll: Which Editor/IDE Do You Use For Ruby/Rails Development

I use the e text editor. Snippets are great.

I tried using Netbeans and Aptana, but I found them maddeningly

RadRails plugin in Aptana

From the RadRails I'v moved to a NetBeans... it's more comfortable and

bugless (already used it for a week, 7 days for 8 hours... never
dropped... but sometimes lagging for a 5-20 sec.. once per 2-3 hours)


I am happily using Aptana RadRails. Tonight, I began to appreciate
RadRails more after reading the really great virtues of nbRubyIDE.
So much so, that I am x-checking feature by feature and learning more
about the capability of Aptana RadRails in the process.
You should also be aware of Tim Harpers tip on how to configure
External Tools in Aptana Radrails