Pluralization of tables lost in a hosting environment.

I am trying to deploy my Ruby on Rails application into textdrive.

I get MySql errors like these.

Mysql::Error: Table 'session' doesn't exist: SHOW FIELDS FROM session

The problem is the table is called "sessions" and not "session".

I see exactly the same problem with all the tables, somehow the table
pluralization is lost.

I tried to set the tables to be plural in my environment.rb file like

#pluralize tables
ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = true

and restarted both rails and lighttpd, but it doesn't help.

Any guidance of how to fix this?


If you're with textdrive, ask them! Their support is apparently
As a quick fix, you could use:
set_table_name 'sessions'
in your session.rb file.

Thanks Chris.

Textdrive help wasn't of much help :(. I eventually got this to work
by hard coding all the table names.

Thats a real shame. I've only heard good about them.

Yeah, they have been very helpful so far, but this thing stumped them.
Not sure what is happening.