it would be great if you guys added the old subject headers in rather than asking 100,000 people to reconfigure their clients. imho.

Good suggestion. Done.

Make sense? Am I unreasonable?

I didn't make the export lists myself, but I don't believe that mailman offered an easy way to export people in lists according to all their individual posting configurations. And it would not have been a prudent use of time to go through all 5,000 subscribers and manually sort them into piles according to their settings.

Even if we could do that, I don't believe Google has a way of bulk-importing people with different settings.

So as mentioned earlier, it's unfortunate that posting settings couldn't be brought over, but it was a trade-off we were willing to make in order to restore the use of Trac, Subversion, the wiki, and the blog, which the immense traffic of the previous mailing list had brought to their knees.

The fact is, it was really simple for me, subscribed stealth, reading the web forum, with my work email, to unsubscribe that email (link in the original notification), and then re-subscribe with my GMail account. Took me a whole 45 seconds or so. For 2 different mailing lists. Less if you are really peeved, and you don’t want to re-subscribe.

It is kinda sad this has been such a problem. But people under stress tend to blow up, and I think we need to understand their point of view. They are pissed. Ok, I think the message has been received. Can we move on now? Please?

Regards, Lori

DHH wrote:

you should have just shut down the list, announcing it repeatedly ahead

of time in blogs and on the list itself.

I’ll take back my comments about murdering the perpetrators of this

fiasco with a chainsaw, but honestly, dude, you totally fucked up.

Sorry but you did.

Totally fucking up is shooting an innocent Brazilian immigrant instead of a terrorist. Yes, people on the list could have been informed better/more in advance but in the grand scheme of things, this is really not such a big deal and the fact that there have been a hundred plus messages about the subject is very sad. It’s about a hundred messages about the subject too many. There are millions of starving people around the world, get on with your lives. Please.

And to whoever posted my domain contact info, including my address and

phone number, and told me I was a sick fuck who was into goat sex, I’ll

have you know, the goat who lives at that address is a very happy goat.

Big kiss to the goat.

Awww... I was kind of enjoying the lack of it, just because people's email clients don't always handle it nicely. (i.e., the Re: isn't always in the same place).

But if it'll fix all the bad joojoo going around lately I'm all for it. -Mat

I don t think the problem is moving the mailing list.. The problem is about moving it without disussing it in the community. A successful(and I am not saying ROR is not) project knows that community is important and needs to be involved in some of the changes you make.

Oh crap. It could have been discussed forever and I still would have missed it, buecause I don't stay that current with my personal email it would still have been surprised with the change.

Not that I care about the change. It just means, instead of filtering all rails email into another folder I get to twice a week I read things more frequently.

You cannot just make the change and expect (Specially for mailing list that really involves the community) no reaction or everyone to be happy. Some people might have given feedback prior to the move.

As to the 'secret' subscribers who never got mail and don't want any... I've got some great stock tips, have a line on some unclaimed nigerean wealth, and know how to find you the best deal on viagra

so filter that!

It is easy techincally to fix this for anyone but that is the issue here. The issue is about leader stepping in at the right time with the right word and keep the project considering people opinion on this kind of change or at least warn then...

I agree that someone should have stepped up to the plate and be the face of the mail list.

...of course there have been so many jackasses going off the deep end about it that... well why bother?