Patch review requested

[Let's give this a go, shall we?]

As per, I'm
looking for reviewers and approvals for the following patches:

* 8714 -- Fix the actionpack test suite against a problem that can happen
          when the test load order gets mucked up.
* 8961 -- Fix the ssl_requirement test suite to work with the current Rails
* 8962 -- Fix the ssl_requirement plugin to allow the overloading of
* 8997 -- Improve the ssl_requirement README a bit.

- Matt

Could we get a Trac for report unreviewed tickets to make this process
easier? Maybe a keyword or something like that?


If it were up to me, I'd make it a custom field, "Patch status". Choices
would include "Needs a patch", "Needs tests", "Needs docs", "Needs review",
and "Approved". Considering that every ticket should fall into one of those
categories, using keywords seems a little too free-form and prone to error. if the Trac admins
aren't familiar with custom fields.

- Matt

As is totally empty at this
point, all the open patches needs to be reviewed :slight_smile: