Passing value from input form

Rails 3.1.3

I would like to pass the value in an input form to a parameter in function.

The value is to be set in

<%= text_field_tag :price %>

A PayPal official icon initiates the action, 'checkout'.

<%= link_to image_tag(";\), :action => 'checkout' %>

Clicking the icon above should pass the value entered in the form. I tried the following

def checkout     contribution = params[:price]     setup_response = EXPRESS_GATEWAY.setup_purchase(contribution,        ...     )     redirect_to EXPRESS_GATEWAY.redirect_url_for(setup_response.token)   end

And a callback function as well.

  def complete     contribution = params[:price]     purchase = EXPRESS_GATEWAY.purchase(contribution,        ...     end   end

But the transaction gives an error saying the value is empty. I guess that I am not passing the input value properly.

Could anyone show me how to set the local(?) variable that can be passed to the function, 'checkout' as well as 'complete' ???