Getting input's value from a form

I am following a new tutorial just added to the upcoming book,
Advanced Rails Recipes. The recipe is, "Process Recurring Credit Card
Payments". The tutorial is great and I recommend picking up the PDF

Simply put, there is a card server, and a then your main application
which is used to pass credit card numbers to the server.

The problem I am having, is how do I get the parameters from the form
into the controller without storing them in the model? It would be
easy if I was storing the credit card number and expiration date in
the user model, but I am not for security, so I cannot call
@user.credit_card number. I guess I need something like

      self.current_user = @user
      cc = CreditCard.create(:first_name => @user.first_name,
        :last_name => @user.last_name,
        :number => #pick up from the form,
        :month => #pick up from the form,
        :year => #pick up from the form,
        :brand => #pickup from the form

If you just want a CreditCard instance but do not want to persist it
to the database you can use:- => @user.first_name,
        :last_name => @user.last_name,
        :number => #pick up from the form,
        :month => #pick up from the form,
        :year => #pick up from the form,
        :brand => #pickup from the form )

Is that what you are asking or do you want to know how to pull the
values out of the params hash?


If I could get the values without persist to the database, that would
be perfect. how can I do that?

You can just use the id of the tag to retrieve the value from the
params hash, e.g.

Assuming you have something like this in your view:-

  <%= text_field_tag 'number' %>

You should be able to access it in your controller using:-

  :number => params['number']

Is that what you were after?


thanks Jabbslad, I forgot about just using text_field_tag