Retrieving form post parameters from within a controller


I am having what would seem to be a simple problem, but I just can't
solve it. How do you retrieve a form's parameters from within a

In my form I have the following hidden field.:

<input type=hidden name="selectedCustomerID" value="">

I set the value of this field using javascript in my form.

I was thinking I could use the form's POST method and retrieve the
parameter using params["selectedCustomerID"] in my controller. I get
nil when this is evaluated.

What am I missing?



well that should normally work exactly as you do it. did you check
(e.g. with FF extension Firebug) that the vaule is set correctly by
your JavaScript?


I believe I did have a problem setting the value. I fixed my
Javascript and it worked.
By the way, what is FF extension Firebug? Maybe I could use something
like this, if it shows
step by step execution of Javascript.

Thanks for the help.