Help with passing user's input to remote_function

<%= form_tag( "")
        <%= text_field_tag('query',value="Enter keywords",{ :size=>
"35", :accesskey=> "s"}) %>
          <%= hidden_field_tag('tab', value="general")%>
          <%= hidden_field_tag('group', value="g5")%>
        <%= submit_tag 'Go', :onclick =>remote_function(:url =>
{:action => :store_query, :id => @mod, :page => @page, :query
=> ??? } ) %>
    <%= end_form_tag %>

In the remote_function call I want to pass the text_field named
'query' value as a param, so, :query => ???
How do I get the value out of the text field and into my param hash?

Everything else works, and I can put a static value in the query hash
and get the functionality I am looking for. But, how to get the user's

Thanks in advance, K

No - I am calling two actions - the form action to the search tool which is another RoR project and the remote function call which is an action in this project. I have it working anyways - I used :with and prototype’s $F()

The solution:
:onclick =>remote_function(:url => {:action => :store_query, :id => @mod, :page => @page}, :with => “‘query=’+$F(‘query’)” )