Passenger vs Mongrel

I have a simple question guys! Is passenger for deploying RoR apps vs
mongrel, which one is better? I saw how easy it's to deploy passenger,
but I wonder is it still relevant to current rails (2.3.2) and ruby
1.8.7 or 1.9?

I'm very new to RoR environment. I'm more familiar with how to setup
LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). Thanks...

Even with mongrel, setting up Nginx… is probably what you mean. With passenger, there is no need, Apache will serve the static files directly.

And yes, unless you have a very limited amount of RAM on your VPS, go for Apache+Passenger. We switched over from Apache+load balancer+Mongrel and it’s a major improvement both in ease of use and performance.

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Peter De Berdt

You mean to say you don't use SQLite as you default development
database? and you develop on Linux? :slight_smile:

Ruby 1.9 is fairly new, I'd go with 1.8.7 for a while still.

Rails 2.3.2 is also new but appears to be is running ok for me, just
started using it a couple days ago however.

Power One,

   The answer is 'it depends', if you are familiar with Apache,
already have it running and feel comfortable managing it Passenger is
a really good option, also it should do a great job if you are
planning to have a bunch of small apps. If you are low on resources
and need nothing but run a rails app mongrel or thing should do the
job for you, usually with a small, fast, efficient web server in the
front end as Nginx.

   I would recommend posting it to the Rails Deployment Group:

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