deploying rails to apache with mongrel cluster

Hi All, Presently i have implemented an application using rails 2.2.2. It has : 1.mongrel 1.1.2 2.apache 1.3 3.rubygems 1.3.1 4.ruby 1.8.6

But i am not using apache so far because i am not worried about load. Using single mongel i am running my application.

Now i want to deploy it to apache with mongrelclustres.

Can any one suggest how to implement this feature?

Thanks Srikanth

Honestly you'd be better off using apache with mod_rails.

Mongrels are just a pain to manage....

It's not a matter of being worried with load only.. it's a matter of deployment simplicity.

I agree. Dump mongrels and look at Phusion’s Passenger instead (